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How to build a Snowflake API

Create and query an API on top of your Snowflake data warehouse using Propel’s blazing-fast Serverless Analytics API Platform

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How to set up development and production environments in Snowflake

If you use Snowflake to managing your data warehouse, you can set up either a single account or multiple accounts for your development.

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How to Deduplicate Events in Snowflake with dbt

This article will demonstrate how to deduplicate events in Snowflake using dbt

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OAuth2 authentication for GraphQL in Node.js

In this article, you’ll learn how to implement the OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow with GraphQL using Node.js.

Propel Data offers a blazing fast GraphQL API for building data apps from data that organizations already have in Snowflake data warehouse, as illustrated by this photograph of a laptop showing a real-time product dashboard with analytical reports and data visualization.


How to build Snowflake data apps with GraphQL

Need to build a Snowflake data app? Here's how to create and query a Metric on top of Snowflake data warehouse using Propel’s GraphQL API.

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